Aunt Flow arrived last night.

Well, still not quite sure how I could have all of those physical symptoms and not be preggers, maybe there was a potential to be and then my body decided to reject it? Who knows.  All I know is we weren’t really trying but not we are officially going to start “trying”.  I took my first basal body temperature this morning and will chart all this month.  I know it will happen when its meant to happen, I was just convinced that I was due to the timing that I felt ovulation and when we had had sex and then the timing of all the little things I was feeling.  Oh well, I know it will happen eventually, I have to trust that the little soul that is meant to come through knows when the timing will be just right.  Can’t wait to meet the little one!


Day 12 Past Ovulation.

Oh, I’m so confused.  I have a full blown cold now, though its better than yesterday.  I’m not feeling as gassy or bloated but I do have a little bit more breast tenderness.  I had a little bit of brown spotting and a little bit of pink spotting this afternoon, just when I wipe, not really any on my underwear.  I’m so confused if this is implantation spotting or if its spotting leading up to my period.  Its all very confusing.

Day 11 Past Ovulation.

Didn’t sleep so well last night, went to bed with a sore throat.  I woke up having to pee at least 3 or 4 times and with a dry mouth, needing water throughout the night.  My cramps have subsided and not feeling as bloated.  I’m still feeling heavy headed and irritable, but not sure if its just from what appears to be a cold, I’m stuffed up as well.  I also noticed a little brown discharge, which is common for me a couple of days before my period.  I took a pregnancy test from the 99 cent Store at 4:30 this afternoon that came back negative.  I will test again in a couple days because if I’m not pregnant something is not right, I have never had period type of cramps over a week before my period, cramps are sure to come the day before or the day of my flow, but never days before and all the other symptoms I’ve been having were not imagined.  Then again the mind is a powerful thing.  To be continued again…

Day 10 Past Ovulation.

Woke up early again this morning with period like cramps.  I also woke up with a sore throat like a cold could come on.  Still feel bloated and gassy although not as bad as yesterday.  I noticed sensitivity in my groin area and now lower back pain. I’m hungrier than normal and am having more bowel movements and dry mouth, thirsty and increased urination. I have an overall sense of heaviness, very similar to when I’m on a heavy day of my period and a bit moody, when my husband asks me simple questions its all a bit too much, frustrating to have to even explain simple things.  Slight dizziness and nausea, but not too bad and a little of what feels like blurry vision.  Its almost 10:00 and I’m pretty exhausted, heading to bed now.

Evening of Day 9 Past Ovulation.

As today progressed some possible symptoms progressed.  I continued to have cramping throughout the day off and on.  I also continued to have a lot of gas and bloating and a little nausea, very slight, I was more hungry than usual, and noticed a little extra saliva in my jaw related to the slight nausea I’m assuming, but never felt like I would actually throw up.  I also felt a sense of heaviness, foggy headed, very similar to a heavy day of my period, but not even any spotting and my period isn’t due for another week.  My husband and I went for a walk and it was a bit uncomfortable, as if I was on my period, bloated, crampy and gassy.  And lastly I’ve noticed a sensitivity in my groin area as well as some lower back pain. Oh, and a bit agitated, like everything my husband says and does is the wrong thing, feeling annoyed and cranky.  The early tests shipped out today so we should know soon if I’m pregnant or crazy, but I’m going to continue to track what I’m feeling anyway, just in case I’m not crazy.

My very first signs.

So, I’ll be totally honest here, I have yet to miss a period and I have yet to take a pregnancy test.  However, I’m feeling something a brewing.  Here are the stats.  My period fluctuates between a 28 and 32 day cycle, so pretty normal and regular.  First day of my last period was April 29, 2011.  Husband and I made sweet love the morning of May 12th.  I actually felt left side ovulation pain two days later on May 14th, which was day 16 of my cycle, so about right.

I never thought I would be the type of person to feel these sudden changes, but maybe the fact that I actually felt ovulation has set a trend in my body.  The first sign of anything different came about 6 days past ovulation, very early, I know, but that was the first day something just felt different, the difference was sex with my husband.  We were in simple missionary and it was extremely uncomfortable, as if he was hitting my cervix.  This has happened a couple of times in the past depending on where I am in my cycle, but missionary was always the go to position to relieve any discomfort.

The next couple of signs started showing day 7 and 8 past ovulation, very subtle cramping and a wee bit of white discharge, similar to if I had a yeast infection, but without the yeast and without the infection and not as much.  Sorry to be so graphic, but I have spent the past few days online trying to read experiences just like this to see if it was all real or if I was making things up.  I have also noticed that I’m hungrier throughout the day, having to snack on hummus to get me between meals and I’m having more bowel movements.  Last night was the end of day 8 past ovulation and I was extremely gassy, more so than I have been in a long time, I’m talking the deadly kind, the kind that leaves you worried you may poop your pants if you continue.

And that leaves us to this morning, day 9 past ovulation, I woke up about 5:30 a.m. to menstrual type of cramps, but Aunt Flow is not due for another 7 days at least, they were bearable, but most definitely noticeable.  My boobs aren’t super sore or tender in general, until I lied on my stomach this morning, again, not unbearable, but noticeable.  Unable to sleep, I started this blog.

I ordered early pregnancy tests on Saturday from, so we shall see in the next few days if I am pregnant or delusional.  Too be continued.