As today progressed some possible symptoms progressed.  I continued to have cramping throughout the day off and on.  I also continued to have a lot of gas and bloating and a little nausea, very slight, I was more hungry than usual, and noticed a little extra saliva in my jaw related to the slight nausea I’m assuming, but never felt like I would actually throw up.  I also felt a sense of heaviness, foggy headed, very similar to a heavy day of my period, but not even any spotting and my period isn’t due for another week.  My husband and I went for a walk and it was a bit uncomfortable, as if I was on my period, bloated, crampy and gassy.  And lastly I’ve noticed a sensitivity in my groin area as well as some lower back pain. Oh, and a bit agitated, like everything my husband says and does is the wrong thing, feeling annoyed and cranky.  The early tests shipped out today so we should know soon if I’m pregnant or crazy, but I’m going to continue to track what I’m feeling anyway, just in case I’m not crazy.